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MB6EN Moves Frequency, Due to a change in the Band plan MB6EN has had to move Frequency, to 144.875Mhz, if you hear any interference please advise me.

Price Increases. Unfortunately, after over 3 years we have had to increase the cost of our GMSK Node range. This is due to the continued increase in cost of raw materials.

Video is being tested HERE

MB6EN is currently in a stable state and working well. Internet at GB7JF seems to be fixed now.

After a few weeks of later nights and some basic design work, I am now able to interface to the Icom RP2C D-Star controller. This has opened the way to produce an RF deck for 2m and 70cm based on my node hardware. The solution will be available as a Simplex and Duplex solution. I will be announcing availability, spec and cost here on the web site shortly after further extensive testing.

After some quick work by David the software seems to be fixed now, if you encounter any problems please let me know via email or the contacts page. Please note that now you have to have RPT1 and RPT2 set and duplex switched on with a zero shift

MB6EN - The Wellingborough 2m simplex GMSK node (Hotspot, D-Star access point, whatever you want to call it) is now on air on 145.3375Mhz. It seems to be performing well at the moment, and is running a Beta Test version of the firmware developed with Dutch*Star.

The move to a second option of firmware for the CML device has moved one step closer. Fred of Dutch*Star has been busy re-working his web site to include user login so that  the new firmware can be made available for download.

D-Star-Online, is the new home for information about Northamptonshire’s D-Star activity, local repeaters and local nodes. We also hope it will become a collection of information relevant to the UK D-Star Network. If you would like information added to the site, or you would like to see information that is not shown please drop us a line through the contact page and we will try to add this information.