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Status of GB3TO

An Overview of GB3TO.

GB3TO is located just South of Junction 15 on the M1. It is co-sited with GB7JF and a number of commercial repeaters. The repeater keeper is Gary (G6NYH), although most engineering is now carried out by Stuart (G7HIF) under the watchful eyes of Bob (G1UQF).  The repeater is on RV49 (145.6125 TX 145.0125 RX) with a CTCSS of 77.0Hz

A coverage map can be seen here

The application for the NOV  to convert GB3TO to Dual Access was granted towards the end of 2009. Work was quickly carried out to implement the first stage of operation, and although there were a few teething problems it seem to work quite successfully. We are now involved with phase 2 of the implementation which we can report is going steadily.

When phase 2 is completed a full report will be posted here along with  preferred cooperating techniques.

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