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About D-Star Northants

D-Star Northants, is a collaboration between Stuart (G7HIF), Gary (G6NYH) and Bob (G1UQF). Over the last couple of years interest has been growing in D-Star, and we are pleased to say we were involved in the beginning, when we were able to demonstrate D-Star working in simplex and via repeater when the only manufacturer in the field was unable to. We were even refused a licence for the first digital repeater in the UK because the repeater committee did not have the understanding of what was proposed. Things have come a long way since and D-Star is growing rapidly within the UK and Worldwide.

We are glad to report that here in Northants we are still working with this cutting edge technology. Firstly we got GB7JF licensed, a 70cm Icom D-Star Repeater, and more recently we have had the NOV for GB3TO changed to allow the repeater to run dual mode (both Analogue and Digital). We are currently working with the ETCC to get a second D-Star 70cm repeater on air located in Wellingborough. The technology employed here will not be Icom but constructed from a much cheaper technology using standard ex-commercial equipment and an amateur produced interface.

The ETCC is now much more accessible and has taken a member of the UKIT team on board. We have been working with this new member to help implement non-Icom equipment at repeater sites.

Over the next few months we hope to improve this web site, and integrate it with GB7JF's and GB3TO's web pages, and to include a new files section to help with the use of all three D-Star repeaters in Northamptonshire. Rest assured that this is only the start of a longer ongoing project.