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D-Star Northants, is the new home for information about Northamptonshire’s D-Star activity, local repeaters and local nodes. We also hope it will become a collection of information relevant to the UK D-Star Network. If you would like information added to the site, or you would like to see information that is not shown please drop us a line through the contact page and we will try to add this information.


MB6EN Moves Frequency, Due to a change in the Band plan MB6EN has had to move Frequency, to 144.875Mhz, if you hear any interference please advise me.

MB6EN - The Wellingborough 2m simplex GMSK node (Hotspot, D-Star access point, whatever you want to call it) is now on air on 145.3375Mhz. It seems to be performing well at the moment, and is running a Beta Test version of the firmware developed with Dutch*Star. And  G4ULF’s G2 software.