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Status of MB6EN

An Overview of MB6EN.

The application for the NOV for MB6EN was made in November 2009, it was proposed to convert MB7IWN from a 2m analogue simplex IRLP node to a dual access node with a digital connection, unfortunately this was not permitted and in the interest of D-Star development it was decided to convert MB7IWN into MB6EN D-Star node. The paperwork was finally issued in Febuary 2010, and the node was immediately converted to D-Star. It has been on air since running various test versions of Dutch*Star code and has become a very important test site.

Thanks must go to G1UQF and G6NYH for all their support during the project.

On 24th June, we started open on air testing of Dutch*Star firmware along side G4ULF’s G2 software, this seems to be going well and a over the next few weeks and months we will be carrying out updates to both the firmware and software to make a very sound system.

Online and D-Plus Connected